Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Turning 30 and Jack's new 'do!!

Going out for my 30th bday!

Me and Mom

Paisley's 1st bday/swim party...can you tell he is ready for a nap!!

Sitting up like a big boy

Jack finally has enough hair for me to play with!! Check out his mohawk...

Well, I am now officially thirty! I had a great bday...spent the whole day with Jack and then Jeramy took me out to my favorite restaurant in Meridian for dinner while Grammie baby sat. Jack is doing great. He is sitting up on his own, just working on his posture...loves to go for the toes!! He is still sleeping well at night, lovin his juices, still no teeth and he absolutely loves to watch himself in the mirror. I just found out that he was picked to be in the 2009 calender for Central MS Down Syndrome Society!! I am so excited and cannot wait. We are going to Marion & Silber in the next couple of weeks for our pics.

His first PT visit was yesterday. He did very well...lots of exercises focusing on upper body strength. After 30 min. he was DONE...he threw a fit and would cry anytime a toy came into his vision. He took a 10 minute power nap and he was ready to go again!! We are so proud of him and never new what we've been missing all this time : )


winstead family said...

dancy that is so neat about the 2009 calendar!! i actually DESIGNED the 2006 down syndrome calendar. it was so much fun w/ pictures from marion and silber.
you look amazing and exactly the same as when you were 20 btw. :)

Kristi Williams said...

That is so exciting about Jack being on the calendar! He's going to be a star! Glad he is doing so well. He's such a big boy!