Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You've got to be kidding me...

You know some people really amaze me...they shock, disappoint and break hearts. That is how I feel about the recent idiots that stole images from the NDSC's More Alike campaign. NDSC is doing a great job promoting DS awareness by letting parents make and post their own poster for the We're More Alike Than Different Awareness Campaign. The public will vote and the top 3 posters will be produced and used for awareness in the community. Well, some jack a%# stole the images, changed the wording of the posters and posted them on a web forum. You can pretty much guess how ignorant and tasteless the posters were and not to mention the disgusting comments and conversations that took place on the forum. NDSC has closed the campaign for now and are currently discussing legal action. Thankfully, the offensive forum has been taken down.

It is situations like this that make you realize how lost and cold the world can be. How ignorant and heartless people can be...for what...a good laugh?? And yes, Jack did have a poster in the campaign. Was his image one of the ones stolen? Honestly, I don't really know. I went to the site on my phone, glanced through a few and was so heart broken I closed the page. I did not need to see anymore. I am not sure what this all means for the More Alike campaign, but I know I will not remove Jack's poster. I would love to see my baby's face all over the community!!! Maybe his sweet face could change one jerk at at time!

Now on to JACK! He got to play in the snow for the first time. He was not to impressed, it was cold and wet, so it was a short play! We did occupy him long enough for pics and building of the snowman.

It has finally been warm enough to go to the park a few times...great photo op! Jack is still in weekly OT and ST, and PT twice a month. He continues to do well, saying a few new words and getting a lot more independent. We just continue to expect Jack to do things and he does. I really, really think that is what it is all about. Jack is just Jack...to my friends, family, co-workers, everyone around him. He is a typical child and we know he will do great things. He might go about it a different way but he gets there!!! Life seems so much easier now than in the beginning of the diagnosis...whew, don't miss that feeling!