Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!!

Here is our Christmas card for definitely captures Jack as we all know him! He is doing wonderful. He loves daycare more and more every week and he is starting to pick up a few new words! And for some reason, "mama" is still not one of them! HSM cut back his PT to twice a month which was no surprise. We will see how he does and just hope he doesn't start to slow down his progress. He is acting like a typical 2 year...likes his independence and can throw a good tantrum when he doesn't get his way! He is starting to learn about Christmas and he definitely knows who Santa is...Santa is one of his new words actually : ) The whole speech issue is going to be a hard and challenging one for all of us. It is amazing all that he knows and remembers, but he just can't express it like other 2 year olds. We have found a lot of help in flashcards, because he can just point to the objects he knows. He does know a few signs but his new speech therapist does not sign, so we have kinda stalled in that area. Any advice on the issue would be nice!

I hope everyone has a safe and peaceful holiday...Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall Snapshots and the Pumpkin Patch

Petting zoo

The three boys taking a stroll

One of his bday outfits...thanks Jerica aka Izzy B Designs!

About to ride the train with dad

Asleep in the pumpkin patch

Em, Darb and me

Looks so uncomfortable!!

KK with his green pumpkin

Monday, November 9, 2009

The cutest puppy ever!!!

He pulled on the ears all night long...they kept falling over his eyes : ) And you have no idea how hard he fought me to put this outfit on...the black make up almost pushed him over the edge!!! He has definitely developed a little temper and likes things his way...someone must have told him that he turned 2!!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Ok, where to put Jack in school is just about to drive me crazy! I mean, this is a HUGE decision and I do not want to mess this up...I even dream about it at night. I know that Lauderdale County-Northeast Elementary has a great program...I've talked to many parents that are pleased and I've even talked to the school. I am also lookin into two schools in Jackson...First Presbyterian Day School and Christ Covenant. These two schools have a small program just for DS kids. But how in the world do I know which one is best for Jack??? This is really the hardest decision I've ever had to make...this shapes his future! Ideally, I want Jack to be mainstreamed but still get the education that he needs...not fall through the cracks. I would love for Jack to got to "normal" classes and maybe have an assistant to help him out? I want him to be pushed so that he functions with society and not just assume "oh, he can't do that" and him miss out on a good education and a normal life with his peers. I am trying my best to make sure he's gonna get that one day! All I know to do is visit all of the schools this Spring and continue to pray, pray, pray! Surely I will have peace about soon : ) And please ANYONE with any advice or guidance please give!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Happy 30th Bday!!!!!

Jeramy has always wanted to go to Vegas, so I surprised him for his 30th bday with a couple of days hanging out in the city. He had no idea where we were going until we got to the airport! We had a such a good time! We saw "Lion King" and "O", watched the fountains at the Bellagio, toured a couple of casinos, had a day at the pool, did some shopping and a tons of walking. There is so much to do, but we could not get it all in.

The Grand Canyon

The airport right off the strip!

View from our balcony

We stayed at The Signature at MGM...very nice!

Our first day in Vegas...headed to the strip

New York New York

The Bellagio

Elvis and Indiana Jones!!!

Our hotel

MGM Grand Lobby

The Venetian

J posing with the Rock ; )

Our last night : (

Jack's Bday party

We had Jack' s birthday party at Clarkco State Park 2 weekends ago. It was a beautiful day...great day for a party!!! We had tons of kids show up to play! I did the best I could taking pics along with keeping the party flowing and chasing a 2 year old around...missed the heck out of my you Rhonda!