Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And Baby Makes Four!!

Jack is going to be a big brother!! Jasper Alan will hopefully make his debut in late October!! We are thrilled beyond words and aware of how blessed we truely are! We have wanted this child for a while, so we cannot wait to meet the sweet guy. All appointments have went well, ultrasounds look good. Our chance of having another child with DS is probably 1 in 100. We are not interested in AFP or amnio, we trust that the Lord knows what we need and will prepare us.

And now on to our first love : ) Jack has been a busy boy with learning his ABCs, numbers, shapes and colors. He already misses school and can't wait to go back to see his friends and teachers! We could not be happier with his progress or his glad that we made this decision!

His first art program with the school...he got to show off the things he has been working on this year.

Showing off his self portrait to daddy


Baby bump

Happy Easter!

Jack with his two friends, KK and Benson