Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Turning 30 and Jack's new 'do!!

Going out for my 30th bday!

Me and Mom

Paisley's 1st bday/swim party...can you tell he is ready for a nap!!

Sitting up like a big boy

Jack finally has enough hair for me to play with!! Check out his mohawk...

Well, I am now officially thirty! I had a great bday...spent the whole day with Jack and then Jeramy took me out to my favorite restaurant in Meridian for dinner while Grammie baby sat. Jack is doing great. He is sitting up on his own, just working on his posture...loves to go for the toes!! He is still sleeping well at night, lovin his juices, still no teeth and he absolutely loves to watch himself in the mirror. I just found out that he was picked to be in the 2009 calender for Central MS Down Syndrome Society!! I am so excited and cannot wait. We are going to Marion & Silber in the next couple of weeks for our pics.

His first PT visit was yesterday. He did very well...lots of exercises focusing on upper body strength. After 30 min. he was DONE...he threw a fit and would cry anytime a toy came into his vision. He took a 10 minute power nap and he was ready to go again!! We are so proud of him and never new what we've been missing all this time : )

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Surprise Party!!

The whole crew

Pen & Nat

Our little family

Pen helping me open my gifts

Pen lovin on Jack

Last Saturday afternoon, my wonderful husband and family threw a surprise party for my 30th bday!! I was truly shocked...my birthday is not until tomorrow, so I was NOT expecting it. I was told all kinds of dirty lies to hide this from me...did not realize my fam was so darn sneaky!

I had a great time...tons of family and friends, great presents, and good food. Jeramy also designed t-shirts for everyone to wear...gotta love a t-shirt! And to make the party even more perfect, not only was my whole family there, but my very best friends from Jackson drove over...good times!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

6 month check up

I cannot believe Jack is 6 months old!! We had his check up yesterday...he weighs 17 lbs 3 oz and is 26 inches long. He got three different shots, had to drink the yummy Rototec liquid and also got blood drawn...so he was not a happy camper!! The blood draw was to check his thyroid levels...a lot of DS kids have hypothyroidism, so we have to keep a close watch. The Ped was very pleased with his eating, growth, & development...wooo hoooo! Earlier this week he also had his monthly physical therapy and occupational therapy evals...we cannot get therapy until he has a delay, how ridiculous is that!! Anyway, Jack showed Greta (PT) and Amanda (OT) all of his tricks and he did great, as usual. He is right on target with OT, but he is borderline with PT...Greta wants him to be sitting up for longer and supporting himself with his arms while on his tummy. Based on his DS diagnosis and being borderline for motor skills, Greta offered weekly PT or to wait a month and reevaluate...we jumped on the weekly sessions!! So now we have Early Intervention on Tuesdays and PT on Thursday...he is definitely going to be one busy boy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jack's Christening

On Sunday, we had Jack's Christening. He looked so handsome in his outfit and he was wonderful, as always!! He did get a little fussy during the ceremony...the water on his head ticked him off! All of the family/extended family/friends were there, so we had a really good crowd on his special day.

Kason is 1!!!

Jack found something to entertain himself!

KK's very own cake...he really didn't make a big mess

His police car from Moo and Aunt Krissy

Jack being silly with Grammie

His picnic table from me & Grammie

Jack and Benson

Sitting in his adirondack chair from Nana and Papaw

We had Kason's (Jack's cousin) 1st bday safari party at his Grammie's house on Saturday. Everything went great. KK's party was a hit...tons of friends and presents!

Monday, April 7, 2008

I wanted to share with ya'll Jack's first "professional pics"...not a big fan usually, but we had a fundraiser for March of Dimes at one of the hospital's I work in...so it was for a good cause. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jack is almost 6 months now...loves his fruits and veggies, but the bottle is still his fave. I cannot wait for his check up so we can see how much he has grown! He is such a sweet and happy boy, but he can throw a FIT when he does not get his way. I wonder who he gets that from??

Jack's Christening and Kason's bday party are next weekend, so I will have plenty of pics soon!