Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Hair Cut!!!

The curls!

Pre hair cut

And it begans...

My little man!

I finally gave in and had Jack's hair cut yesterday...the curls are gone! I am a little depressed about the issue...I know, that's stupid, but I am. He did really well with Lori until he felt the scissors touch his ear and then he freaked out...looked are her like she was killing him! Now he looks like a little boy, not a baby. Maybe we are done with the "that is the prettiest little girl" comment...I mean ALL the time!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The calendar pic

Derek, Darb and J

Display of calendar photos

On Saturday night, we went to the CMDSS Gala. We had such a good time visiting, eating, dancing and bidding on the silent auction items. Of course, the highlight of the night was seeing Jack's calendar photo!! Gary and Marion Silber are such phenomenal people. They were so good with Jack and we are so blessed to have this great photo! The calendars are on sale now, so anyone interested can go to the CMDSS web site. Oh, Jack is Mr. January!!!