Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Good morning mommy!!

Jack playing with Uncle Darb at the pool

Hanging out in the shade with Grammie

Helping Dad dress me : )

Grammie & Pappy

My first Mother's Day was great!! My whole family went to Beau Rivage...good food, good shopping and pool time! We had a wonderful time. Oh, and Jack's first tooth has appeared!! We went to Marion & Silber on Saturday for the calender photo shoot...he was not his normal self. We were there for almost two hours...NOT ONE SMILE. And everyone that knows Jack knows that is NOT him, so we figured his gums were bothering him. The next day, the tooth broke through! So, needless to say, I am a little worried about the pics for the calender...we will see!


Kristi Williams said...

What a great Mother's day! I haven't been to the Beau Rivage in forever! He's a cutie. Love his sandals. I need to get pair a Claire soon bc she only has one pair of shoes that fit!

Christina said...

Oh my, he is a real cutie!
I am going to have to bookmark your blog and follow thisd little fella'.

We just did the regular blood test for his 2 year check, celiac is one of the things tested for every 6 montsh here.
He seems to not have had any troubles before, except for a big tummy - but I really thought that was just the way he looked, he always had it like that :-)

Best wishes fr Austria and Prince Vince momma