Monday, June 30, 2008

Family Beach Trip

We recently went to Orange Beach for our annual family beach trip. We had a great time! Jack loved the water and the sand. He's definitely gonna be a beach bum like mom!

Grammie and her boys

He had the time of his life in the pool...bouncing and laughing!

He was amazed by the feel of sand on his feet

naptime at the beach!

Jack, me, Hannah, Hill, Jana, & KK at Sea n Suds

I know, our "boyish bubble" looks like a dress...sorry, Jack.

My boys

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

We are leaving for our annual family beach trip on Saturday, so I just wanted to wish an early Happy Father's Day to all the men in my life!!! You guys are amazing and I love you so much!!

Good news!!

The neuro appointment went great! Dr. Parent immediately said his head was fine and his head shape was just positional...not even any xrays needed!! He said that Jack's head will mold into shape over time especially since he is sitting up and rolling around...keeping pressure off the back of his head. Dr. Parent was also VERY impressed with Jack's development, saying he was an amazing little boy...we knew that, though! Thanks everyone for all the prayers...he has been bathed in them since he was conceived.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Neuro appt

I just wanted to ask you guys to keep Jack in your prayers. He has a neuro appt on Monday and we are praying that all is good. Jack has brachycephaly...the back of his head is flat. Alot of infants have this because of sleeping on their backs and it is also a common variant in DS, but we are being cautious and just getting a follow up. We are praying that everything is "normal" and he will not need any more follow cardio & genetics. We have been SO blessed. Jack is a beautiful, healthy little boy that has surpassed all the odds...I do not think anyone has told him that he has an extra chromosome!!