Thursday, April 24, 2008

Surprise Party!!

The whole crew

Pen & Nat

Our little family

Pen helping me open my gifts

Pen lovin on Jack

Last Saturday afternoon, my wonderful husband and family threw a surprise party for my 30th bday!! I was truly birthday is not until tomorrow, so I was NOT expecting it. I was told all kinds of dirty lies to hide this from me...did not realize my fam was so darn sneaky!

I had a great time...tons of family and friends, great presents, and good food. Jeramy also designed t-shirts for everyone to wear...gotta love a t-shirt! And to make the party even more perfect, not only was my whole family there, but my very best friends from Jackson drove over...good times!


winstead family said...

that has got to be one of the sweetest husband things i've ever heard!!!!! happy 30th bday! i hope mine will be not as dreadful as i am thinking it will be. :( i am NOT aging gracefully.

The Glenn Gang said...

SOOO sweet of your hubby and family! What great memories!

Kristi Williams said...

Happy Birthday! Got the emails about the big surprise. Wish we were closer so we could have joined in on the fun! What a crowd of people! Welcome to the 30's world!

michael and anne said...

i love that you got a party! didn't y'all do one for darby when he turned 30? aidan was about jack's age when y'all did that. i love the group picture. you have a wonderful family!