Thursday, April 30, 2009


This is where we are this week...white, sandy beaches in Gulf Shores. Jack is having the time of his life exploring the condo and playing in the water. He LOVES the water again this year, but not sure about the sand! And he is doing so well with taking steps...when your not looking, we will catch him letting go and taking a few steps (he is up to about 6 on his own). He is also doing good with standing. I just cannot believe how much he is changing.
His new word this week is BUS! We can thank Grammie and KK for that!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Jack trying out one of KK's presents

Collecting eggs at KK's party

KK IS 2!!!!

Easter morning, after the 6 a.m. service!

KK and of their favorite pastimes!

Easter morning

After Easter church, on way to Moo and Poo's, looking so cute!

Jack's goodies from Moo, Hannah and Hill

Jack and B

KK, Jack and B digging in Jack's basket

Eat him up!

Church Easter egg hunt

Putting eggs in his basket...we've been practicing at home!

Finding an egg

We had a great Easter, very busy, but enjoyable...Easter Egg Hunts and bday parties. And of course, Jack got several Easter baskets!

And yes, Jack is still amazing us and his therapists...learning new words, drinking from a straw (big one...oral muscle tone) and starting to take steps!!!! We have also discovered that he likes to surprise there, we really do sing to him A LOT. We also found out that he will be losing Early Intervention Services due to state funding and "cutbacks". This will really not affect Jack that much, but it will other kids. He will just lose his speech therapist Brooke and he will still continue PT/OT at Rush. We are really sad to loose Mrs. Brooke. Jack just loves her and so do I! So, it looks like in June we will have to find a speech therapist. And I have not heard a thing from HSM...did they accept my appeal or not??? It is going on weeks now? I'm really anxious to see what the hold up is.
And so sorry for the long break between posts...Facebook has been keeping me busy!