Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

Jack with Grammie

My little monkey

Jack with Uncle Martin and his new toy

Me and Ashley...she's 7 weeks pregnant!!! We are all hoping for a girl!

...loves the paper!

We did the usual for Christmas a good meal and exchage gifts at Meme's house. Jack came home with more gifts, of course!! I seriously do not know where we are going to put all of his toys.
And more on Jack's developmental progress...well, looks like he is doing to good. We finally heard back from Medicaid and HSM and it appears that they feel Jack has a "minimal delay" and they are not going to approve all of his therapy. So, I am now writing a letter to appeal this action because it is VITAL for Jack to stay in weekly therapy. I mean, give me a break...why do you think Jack is doing so well and only has a "minimal delay"? He has been in weekly therapy since 3 months old and we work our tails off at home! So please say a little prayer that my letter will change their minds.


Christina said...

Oh I LOVE his pants! I love all things striped and they are just awesome!

And look at him stand, def no baby anymore!

Happy New Year!