Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Busy decorating...

I think I am finally done decorating the house for Christmas...woo hoo! Of course, Jack was a big help...playing with all the deco mesh and Christmas balls!! Jack doesn't really care for his tree, but he is drawn to the one in the living room, but no major incidents yet. And we found out that he HATES Santa...Christmas party at church...threw a fit once he realized he was in Santa's lap...will definitely scan and post pic soon!

And for the developmental updates : ) He is doing so good...crawling distances, like to other rooms and getting into cabinets, closing doors, becoming quite the roamer...putting things "in" like cubes in a bucket and a ball through a hoop...waving bye bye...trying to feed you while he is eating...and the BIG one, he is actually chewing and swallowing table food!!! I know most of you reading this see nothing spectacular about a 14 month old doing these things, but they are HUGE in our world....we take nothing for granted.

My favorite ornament...Jack's 1 yr footprint

Our finished, white, lime and red is the theme!

Jack checking out his first Mickey ears

He found a toy!!

Jack's tree


Kristi Williams said...

Love your tree. A friend of mine wants to know where you got your Christmas tree skirt? She loves looking at your blog and was admiring all of your monogrammed stuff.