Monday, November 2, 2009


Ok, where to put Jack in school is just about to drive me crazy! I mean, this is a HUGE decision and I do not want to mess this up...I even dream about it at night. I know that Lauderdale County-Northeast Elementary has a great program...I've talked to many parents that are pleased and I've even talked to the school. I am also lookin into two schools in Jackson...First Presbyterian Day School and Christ Covenant. These two schools have a small program just for DS kids. But how in the world do I know which one is best for Jack??? This is really the hardest decision I've ever had to make...this shapes his future! Ideally, I want Jack to be mainstreamed but still get the education that he needs...not fall through the cracks. I would love for Jack to got to "normal" classes and maybe have an assistant to help him out? I want him to be pushed so that he functions with society and not just assume "oh, he can't do that" and him miss out on a good education and a normal life with his peers. I am trying my best to make sure he's gonna get that one day! All I know to do is visit all of the schools this Spring and continue to pray, pray, pray! Surely I will have peace about soon : ) And please ANYONE with any advice or guidance please give!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm praying like crazy, too.
Also driving me crazy. I know each child is unique with very different gifts. It is also my hope that Jack be mainstreamed and allowed to grow to his full potential, surrounded by friends (and family, of course) who love him for being Jack. I believe he would blossom under the right guidance. And y'all have already seen what a difference the right attitude toward his abilities (not his limitations)and tender patience makes in his therapy sessions and at home. There has got to be the right school(s) for Jack somewhere with amazing, gifted teachers waiting...teachers who can push him to excel but not frustrate him or get frustrated at him. Just tears me up inside.... Love y'all -- and I'll keep praying. Mamaw Kathy said...

Big decisions...Rustin went to a regular preschool w/his peers when he was about to turn 3 started considering where to place him. We have a school just for kids w/DS and the waiting list was so long we were unable to get him in so I thought it was basically gonna be the end of the world but we placed him at our local Elementary school in what we call PPCD and this is his first full year and he loves it he is really learning alot! All though it wasn't our first choice it ended up being the best choice! All those sleepless nights for nothing. I'm sure whatever you decide he will do great!

Monica Crumley said...

I wish I could offer advice to you, but John Michael is only 2 (next week). I'm pretty sure he'll be going to a private preschool where my other 3 have gone. They would welcome him with open arms, but he's the first child they've had w/ Ds. They have had a couple kids w/ autism last year who had aides with them. I think keeping our kids with typical kids is a win-win in many ways. They'll learn so much from each other. If it didn't work out for you, you could always switch him to the classroom developed for kids w/ Ds. THrough prayer and asking lots of questions of parents, you'll know what's right. The best part is you can always change if it really isn't working.