Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sunday Fun

The church took all of the kids to Gaddis Pizza and to the carousel in Meridian on Sunday. Luckily Jack had been fever free for a couple of days so he was able to go. The kids had a blast! We will definitely have to do it again. Jack was in awe of the gameroom at the pizza place. He literally touched everything in there. We were a little hesitant about all the commotion and the noises scaring him, but since he knew where all the sounds were coming from he was good to go!

Kat with the kids

He was not to crazy about this seat...he did better riding than sitting!


Paisley and Jack

Running around the game room

We will definitely take him back : )

Then it was off to the carousel. Jack was not to sure about it at first...he had to warm up to the idea!
Hanging close to Grammie

He came around and loved it!

...even started to look a little bored.

Darb and KK

Eating their cotton candy afterwards, which none of them liked!

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I love the carousel pic! It looks like he had fun. Now that he's walking it's all GO from here...