Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More pics and more battles!!

Jack with Grammie

...cold, cold water

...getting ready to nap in my lap

and he's out!

me, Ash (28 weeks preg) and Hill

long day and getting ILL

Jack and Hill...along with a friend he found on the beach.

Pool time...Seawinds in Gulf Shores...great kiddie pool

We had a nice, relaxing beach trip and then I come home to find a letter about Jack's therapy. HSM has now denied his requested OT...big surprise! I knew it was coming, so I guess it is now time to fight for his OT. And keep in mind, that I STILL have not heard from HSM regarding the appeal for the PT. They say the hold up is due to case overload, but they sure had the time to process a few denials!!! So now we are up in the air with PT and OT. He will continue to get speech therapy until June (remember the lovely "cut backs") and then we have to start going through HSM approval for that too...they are so going to deny him! I am also starting to get bills for his PT/OT...our private insurance and Medicaid will not pay if HSM does not approve the therapy. I will definitely be making some calls this week ; )


rustinlane.blogspot.com said...

Love the new cover pic! It looks like you guys had a great vacation. Good luck w/HSM.

dancy said...

Thanks! We did have a fun time...he loves the beach jsut like his mama!