Monday, January 26, 2009

We have a contract!!

More good news...we have a contract on the house! Everyone knows that we love our house but Jack needs to be in a different school district and I need to be closer to the hospitals. We are praying that everything goes smoothly and we will be able to close at the end of February.

This was taken right after we moved in...May 2006
And now for a Jack update! He is amazing...saying three words- Hey, Bye-Bye and Hot! He is pulling up and cruising really well. He is clapping, playing pat-a-cake, waving, stacking, releasing objects into your hand. He is also doing great with the eating. He now will eat anything, no gagging or spitting. As I mentioned in a previous post, HSM cut back Jack's therapy. I appealed the decision and I have not heard anything. However, during the appeals process HSM has to reinstate his previous therapy, so he is back to weekly therapy! And now Medicaid has thrown a kink into the whole situation...they have not re approved Jack. I got a letter reading that they needed more information about his health and diagnosis before they can justify approving him...WHAT A JOKE! He is very healthy (Thank God), but his diagnosis will not change and he will need long term therapies that our private insurance will not cover 100%. SO, now I am fighting with them, too!!! Please keep us in your prayer for a smooth closing on the house and resolution of our HSM and Medicaid issues.


Abby said...

Thanks so much for the prayers. Please feel free to send the blog address to anyone who wants to keep track of the progress of harper. I'm making a book of all of the comments people have sent for Harper and giving it to Erin and Chad this week. your post will definitely be in there.

thanks so much!

Kristi Williams said...

That's great about the house. Have you found a house or are you still looking? I hope everything works out with Jack's therapy. And how exciting that he is talking!

dancy said...

We have land that we bought a couple of years ago that we will build on in the next year or so.