Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's been too long!!

Sleeping hard in his new seat

Loves a mirror

Digging in his toy basket

Happy 4th!

Sleeping in with mom...we don't get to do that often!

Another new toy

This summer has been crazy busy...sorry for the poor posting! Jack is doing great. We are still working like mad on crawling. He gets stronger every week which is so encouraging. He is now in a big boy seat and weighs 21 lbs. He's not a baby any more!

We are going to Batson Children's Hospital in the morning to follow up on his ear. DS kids have small ear canals, so there are usually issues with their ears. Eventhough Jack has never had any ear infections and can obviously hear it is still recommended that we follow with ENT. Anyway, we took him a couple of weeks ago...right ear looks good, but Dr Reed could not see the ear drum on the left due to hardened wax. We tried to remove the wax with a little H2O2 daily for 3 weeks, but no luck. So now Dr Reed has to put him to sleep so that he can remove it and get a good look at his left ear. PLEASE say a little prayer for him in the morning. We just hope for no complications, good report and for Jack to not feel any pain. I will keep everyone updated and I hope you enjoy the recent pics of our monkey!!


michael and anne said...

Dancy, he is just too precious. I hope to meet him sometime, every time I look at your pictures, I just want to hug him! Glad the appt. went well. We've had tubes a bunch of times with our kids, and ears are a constant battle. That's wonderful that he hasn't had any problems. Tell your family hey for us!