Monday, June 30, 2008

Family Beach Trip

We recently went to Orange Beach for our annual family beach trip. We had a great time! Jack loved the water and the sand. He's definitely gonna be a beach bum like mom!

Grammie and her boys

He had the time of his life in the pool...bouncing and laughing!

He was amazed by the feel of sand on his feet

naptime at the beach!

Jack, me, Hannah, Hill, Jana, & KK at Sea n Suds

I know, our "boyish bubble" looks like a dress...sorry, Jack.

My boys


winstead family said...

the pictures are PRICELESS!!!! looks like he had so much fun!!!!! i can't wait until saturday!

Christina said...

Beautiful family and beautiful pics! Looks like you guys had a bunch of fun!

Kristi Williams said...

those pictures are so good. He is getting so big! Looks like you had a great time.