Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I have finally found the time to get our blog going!! I am so excited to get this going, so I can update everyone on what is going on with us and baby Jack. He is almost 5 months old and he is changing so fast! He is 15 lbs, loving his cereal and his veggies, and he loves to coo, babble and laugh. Jack will not be the baby too much longer, cousin Benson will be here on Thursday!


Ashley Jenkins said...

I love the website...it's about time! The pictures are just precious of jack. Hope to see ya'll soon! Love, Ashley

The Glenn Gang said...

Hey Dancy! I feel like a total stalker but I just ran across your blog after seeing your name on Jenny Winstead's blog. I've only known one Dancy in my life so I figured it had to be you. It has been FOREVER but I was friends with your family back at McDowell Road Baptist Church. Darby was a year older than me and we hung out all the time. Wow...so good to see you on here. You have a precious little boy. My little guy is 20 months old and has stolen my heart! Our blog is www.theglenngang.blogspot.com

nicki (burns) glenn